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Tools and Techniques to relieve trigger point pain

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What is a Trigger Point?

A trigger point is a spot on the muscle that feels like a cramp and causes severe pain. For many, no treatment seems to help and experience constant chronic pain. 

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What causes Trigger Point?

People who suffer from trigger point pain commonly receive diagnoses such as myofascial pain syndrome or fybromyalgia. These are attempts to explain the pain however there is no medical consensus on how to treat widespread chronic muscle pain.  

What kinds of treatments are there?


This is the most important option. In order to get better, the core muscles need to be strengthened.

Self Massage & Tools

Various tools and techniques that help take the pain down.


A professional way to get relief, usually for a reasonable price.

Massage & Accupuncture

Sometimes you can't get what you need by yourself.

OTC Medication

If nothing seems to work, you may need to find an OTC medication for relief.

Steroid Injections

Reserved for severe cases, a doctor may inject steroid into the area for temporary relief.

What we do

You won’t find any items here that we haven’t tested ourselves and loved!

Everyone on our team suffers from trigger point pain. This fuels our desires to find the best relief products. 

We purchase and hand pick items ourselves and test them to give you an honest review and recommendation. 

Some products may contain affiliate links which help generate commissions to help us cover costs however, they do not influence our decisions. Recommendations are only for products that we test and like. 

“After getting no help from doctors, I needed to find a solution to my trigger point pain. Now I want to help others get relief too.”
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"I've suffered from chronic pain for 12 years. Nothing seemed to help so I began my search for the best solutions to help others in this boat."
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"Chronic pain is no joke, and the solutions offered to me in the past were sub-par. I had to find my own answers and now I want to share them.”
Ben Lorensin

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